by Jennifer Wong


Game of Homes

Game of Homes is another internal Hack Week project for HotPads and Zillow. It's a Game of Thrones themed quiz that tells users in which San Francisco neighborhood (or Game of Thrones land) they should reside.

It's also a spin off of a Bold Italic article titled Game of Thrones Lands as SF Neighborhoods. Game of Homes received some press from The Bold Italic as the article, This Quiz Tells You Which SF Game of Thrones Land You Shoud Live In.

I used Foundation very liberally in this project and have come to love it! Game of Homes is super mobile friendly. I also used my mega nerd powers to find out how to say the Zillow tagline, "find your way home," in both Dothraki and High Valyrian via the Learn Dothraki Forums and David J. Peterson himself! Super awesome!