Kristie & Brandon

Photo by Amanda

How We Met

Brandon and Kristie started working together in the Finance Department at Rocketdyne in 2007. What started out as group co-worker lunches and a mutual dislike of work quickly developed into a close friendship once they realized they shared more than those two common interests. One likeness that caught both their attention was their music libraries - meticulously organized by period, genre, artist, and album. Kristie's heart went pitter-patter at the sight of Brandon's five page list of music she loved.

Brandon moved to West LA three years later, just blocks away from Kristie's apartment. Since she had stopped her own cable subscription, Kristie promptly invited herself over to watch Mad Men every Sunday night. After weeks of "just hanging out" together, Brandon started catching onto Kristie's ploy. Not only did his TV bill grow, but his affection for her did as well. Awww!

The Engagement

Friday the 13th, December 2013:

I came home from a girl's night out and Brandon suggested exchanging Christmas presents early because I was headed home to Daly City to spend Christmas with my family. As soon as he suggested it, I started running around the house searching every room for my present. He finally made me sit on the couch and told me not to move. I sat impatiently waiting... until Brandon brought a HUGE box from the back room. He was having trouble dragging the box out -- and for some reason, I got it in my head that the gift was a puppy! While he dragged the box, he accidentally kicked it and I thought, "Oh my god, a puppy!!! Wait -- oh my god, I'm not ready for a puppy! I'm leaving in a couple days! It's going to tear the house apart!"

After two minutes of cajoling, I finally opened the box - and when I looked inside, it was completely empty save for a small card at the very bottom. After struggling to reach in and pull the card out, and reading his sweet message, I swung around to look and Brandon was on one knee, ring in hand! I immediately freaked out and ran away to hide behind the couch. All the while, he was reciting the sweetest proposal. After five minutes of coaxing me back over to him, Brandon asked me again if I would marry him and in between laughs, giggles, and shock, I said "yes! yes ok yes!" :)

The Bride

Five things I love about my soon-to-be-wife:

  • She's a genuine people-person. Kristie can talk to anyone about anything and leave them feeling better about themselves. In all of her disparate groups of friends, she is the glue that holds the group together.
  • Despite her warm exterior, she's no pushover. Cut her off in traffic and Kristie will unleash a tirade that would embarrass a sailor.
  • We share the same sense of humor. She can appreciate a sophisticated New Yorker cartoon (if it's actually funny and not just pretentious), and five minutes later, she'll indulge me and pull my finger upon request.
  • She blends the best of Tiger-daughter Chinese values with her California girl upbringing. She shares my delight in stacking multiple Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to walk out with an armful of purchases for $4.99, but also knows how to enjoy herself and splurge on a Michelin star meal.
  • She has an infectious enthusiasm for life. Whether enjoying travel, eating foods, petting puppies, or tracking down Totoros, Kristie jumps into her favorite experiences head first and doesn't look back.

The Groom

Five things I love about my soon-to-be-husband:

  • He's witty: he sends me into fits of giggles and stomach-rolling with his deadpan comments and jokes that come out of nowhere.
  • He's intelligent: high test scores, elite schools, and big brain aside, he helps me learn and makes me want to learn more about all things, big and small.
  • He's inquisitive: want to know about highways? He can tell you all about them and the different types of exits. Want to know about a ROTH IRA? He's knows the percentages and best ROI's. Want to know about the Star Wars series? He'll recite all seven movies line for line.
  • He's a kid at heart. He secretly wishes he could be Batman (minus the Bruce Wayne issues), loves Disneyland (season passes, anyone?), and has most of the Star Wars legos collection (every holiday means assembling anything from a TIE fighter to the Millennium Falcon).
  • He's a John Wayne fanatic: what Asian guy under 40 do you know that loves cowboys? It's completely endearing.

The Bride's Party

Jennifer Wong, Maid of Honor

My BFF, sister, and first love-of-my-life since the day she yanked my hair in our high school religion class. There isn't a rock we haven't overturned or lands unknown that we aren't willing to trek with one another. I admire her willingness to learn, love, question, and speak her mind. She is a constant friend, confidant, and accomplice; I can't wait to share every new step with her.

Emily Chen, Bridesmaid

Past-roommate, "ex-wife", and Wedding-Creative-Director-Extraordinaire, Emily has been the Bella to my Edward, the Gabriella to my Troy. She is my rock through hard times and my advisor on all else; we will forever be classified in the Young Adult book section together.

Kalista Wong, Bridesmaid

Always sweet-tempered, sincere, and gracious, Kali has continued to be the Dora to my Diego. When we're not exploring new places like Korea or Macau, we're probably eating our way through LA and SF! Physically, we're the same size; mentally, we have the same mindset and interests - we're just like twins!

The Groom's Party

Jon Ang, Best Man

Jon and I spent six months in Connecticut together on a Finance Rotational Program with Pratt & Whitney. Through our mutual loathing of work, snow, and being in the middle of nowhere, we've grown closer as friends and I'm honored to have him as my Best Man.

Steven Fung, Groomsman

Through our love for all things military, airplanes, books, and robots, Steve and I have become good friends. When he's not advising me on career or life lessons, we're usually getting lunches, dinners or hanging out. I'm looking forward to calling him my brother-in-law.


Saturday, 5 July 2014
Garden of Shakespeare's Flowers, Golden Gate Park
Please arrive promptly at 5:00PM


Saturday, 5 July 2014
California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Drive, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA, 94118

Reception immediately follows the conclusion of the ceremony.


Please use the parking voucher included with your invitation to park at the Music Concourse garage.
From the south, enter the park from 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way, turn right on Music Concourse Drive.
From the north, enter at Fulton Street and 10th Avenue.


Blocks of rooms are reserved from July 4 - July 6 at the following hotels. Use the links below to book online or mention the Fung Toy wedding if you book over the phone. Please book your room by June 1, 2014.

Grand Hyatt San Francisco
345 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108

Alternate Grand Hyatt Parking
Sutter & Stockton Garage
444 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA

Transportation to Grand Hyatt

Westin San Francisco Airport
1 Old Bayshore Hwy
Millbrae, CA 94030




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